Cold carrot soup


For four to five Japanese style portions

  • 300g carrot
  • 60gms unsalted butter
  • 150cc milk


Peel off as thin a layer as possible of the skin of the carrot. Cut carrot into long quarters and then into thin slices. Add the butter to a relatively wide pan (18cm); before the butter dissolves add the carrot. Always keep the heat low and stir the carrot round from the bottom of the put to the top to avoid burning.

After 40-50 mins the water should have evaporated and the carrot should be soft enough to easily crush. Note that if you use more of the carrot the time to get to this stage will take longer, so best not to do too much the first time.

Add 150cc of water and simmer for one minute – not longer as you might destroy the carrot taste. Put into a mixer while still hot and make a puree. Note that if it cools down then making a soft puree is more difficult. After processing scoop out of the mixer to check whether it has developed a sticky consistency.

While still hot pass through a fine sieve and the puree is cmomplete

To make the cold soup, add 100cc of cold water and mix thoroughly, then add 150cc of milk and a pinch of salt.


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