Italian Spaghetti Carbonara – Gennaro Contaldo

Serves 2

Two video: In the first there are three egg yolks and one whole egg plus a mixture of butter and olive oil to cook the pancetta.

Here, pecorino rather than parmesan, no whole egg and no butter.


  • 200gms of pasta
  • 150gms pancetta – quite a lot
  • Couple of tablespoons of olive oil
  • one clove of garlic
  • three yolks
  • 40gms of pecorino (first choice?) or parmesan cheese
  • few tablespoons of pasta water


Salt boiling water and add spaghetti, pop on the lid and bring back to boil. Take the skin off the pancetta and then rub the fat over the frying pan to render some fat out. Add olive oil to the pan, add crushed clove of garlic, brown and then remove.

Prepare the three egg yolks, mix with a little salt, black pepper and the grated cheese.

When the pasta is done, take out of the water and add to the pan with the pancetta; swirl around to make sure coated with the fat etc. Add a little pasta water to the pan – a few tablespoons?

Key point: away from the heat add the egg yolk mix and stir around, then plate up and add more grated parmesan and some black pepper on top.


One comment

  1. Carbonara – so easy yet so difficult! These recipes worked out fine after taking care not to overcook the egg mix but adding while the pasta was too hot. No cream! At last, a decent outcome.


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