Pipeline – by cookbook

Recipes to think about in the short term by cookbook.

Turkish cuisine


  • Watermelon, mint, olive and cheese salad – very easy, helps use up mint, looks like a classic – location 116.
  • Poached egg with garlic yoghurt – pop poached egg on yoghurt flavored with garlic and salt; pour over paprika mixed in melted butter; add some herbs; eat with toast.
  • Ceviche with line and grapefruit – slice the fish thinly, use half the grape fruit and half the lime for ceviche and the other halves to eat with the dish; also add capers, olive oil and salt.
  • Beef meatballs with sumac and garlicky yoghurt – maybe try with a mixture of pork and beef plus bake rather than deep fry. Otherwise sounds great.
  • Liver with fresh onions and parsley – only cook the liver (onions cut), also uses dill and pepper flakes; lambs liver.
  • Chicken with apricots and almonds – easy, needs orzo and dried apricots, currants and almond flakes
  • Watermelon and ginger juice – remove seeds and blitz in food processor; add ginger crushed in pestle and mortar to infuse; strain and cool
  • Whit beans in tomato sauce – canned beans cooked with tomato, onion, pepper, tomato paste, red pepper paste – should be a classic
  • Leeks slow cooked in olive oil – just like the name says. Easy.
  • Rice with spinach – long grain rice; cook rice with onion and stock flavored with garlic, tomato etc then mix in spinach cooked and chopped up the conventional way.


Mediterranean Harvest

  • Grilled eggplant and pepper salad – roast eggplants and peppers; add some mild chilli peppers, garlic and lemon or lime juice; mix peeled and chopped eggplant with peeled peppers cut into small dice. Key point is whether OK roasting vs grilling is OK for eggplant etc; variations based on cilantro vs mint or dill also worth looking at – page 111
  • Farro salad – cook farro by boiling; otherwise ingredients are very typical of Mediterranean salad i.e. diced tomato, cucumber, chopped peppers, lemon juice, mint, parsley, olive oil
  • Fava bean salad – order 500g of frozen shelled fava beans from rakuten; with cilantro, lemon, olive oil, olives.
  • Leeks cooked in white wine – parboil, then cook with olive oil, garlic and white wine; parsley and black olives for garnish
  • Mushrooms in garlic sauce – whole or halved mushrooms;

Indian cuisine

1,000 Indian Recipes

  • Spinach yoghurt soup – cook spinach in normal way; add yoghurt and process in blender; add spices after cooking in oil
  • Carrot and cashew salad – grate carrot and mix with grated coconut; add cashews and spices after heating in peanut oil
  • grilled mashed zucchini with onion and tomatoes – roast zucchini; mash; fry onion; add spices, tomato, cilantro and cook

Edible Atlas

  • Coconut fish curry – pound ginger, garlic, chilli, salt; fry onions; add ginger-garlic paste; add tomates add other spices; cook with coconut milk and add lime

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