Pumpkin, tomato and chickpeas 


Serves six. This is a combination of fresh (pumpkin) and dry (chickpeas) ingredients that can be done with other vegetables – peppers, carrots, turnips, spinach – or with other types of dried beans. Known as tbikhas. Can also be made with HARISSA.

  1. 450gms orange pumpkin – sounds like kabocha is OK
  2. 1 large onion cut in half and sliced
  3. 4tbsp olive oil
  4. 4 medium tomatoes peeled and chopped – sounds like tinned are OK
  5. 1-2tsps sugar
  6. salt and pepper
  7. 1/2tsp of harissa
  8. 450g chickpeas in a can
  9. 3 tablespoons of parsley (optional – but I bet it is better)


Peel the pumpkin and get rid of any fibrous parts, cut up; fry the onion until golden; add tomatoes, sugar, salt, pepper and harissa and stir; add chickpeas and pumpkin; add some extra 4-5tbsps of water and simmer with the lid on for around 20mins or until the pumpkin is tender.

As a variation add red pepper cut into ribbons fryed with the onions.


One comment

  1. A little disappointing, probably as no harissa or parsley added. Well worth trying again as the concept is so good and the actual ingredients are very healthy.


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