Rakuten and other shops

Here is a list of some of the food shops that are worth checking out selling on the internet in Japan.



  • Toscana – good looking with excellent map of Italian wine regions.
  • Kyobashi wine. Looks big and came up early including olive oil etc.
  • Veritas. Looks big as well.


  • Gourmet meat – shop based in Nikko with great range of really good meat, also including boudin noir I recall

Basic ingredients



  • Marutaka. Hokkaido based with quite a bit of history.
  • Benkeimaru – online rapid delivery fish
  • Tsukiji – for retail shopping.  Looks like a new building set up within the outside market as well.


Italian speciality shops

  • Toscana Italian speciality shop – professional looking but also not particularly cheap by any means. Look out for capers in salt
  • Tanicha – seems to be associated with Azabu restaurant.


Spanish speciality shops


French speciality shops


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