Boiled zucchini salad with lemon

Another wonderfully simple Italian vegetable recipe. Seemed to be some risk of it being somewhat crap with little flavour but worked out well and also great to use up the parsley.


Soak and clean zucchini, ideally while young firm and glossy, bring water to boil and then start cooking until tender but slightly resistant – about fifteen minutes; drain as soon as not too hot to handle and cut off both ends then slice into thin rounds then toss with lemon juice, salt, ground black pepper and decent amount of fresh chopped parsley.

Alternative method has you slicing the zucchini longways, rubbing with crushed garlic, letting sit at an angle to drain off some of the liquid for 15 to 20 minutes and then seasoning with some red wine vinegar, parsley pepper and salt just before serving (to prevent them again shedding liquid).

See here for the original recipe. As also observed in this blog the taste is actually much better than the name implies – well worth another try.


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