Chicken with bulgur, tomatoes, peppers and tarragon

This is the best dish made so far in this little exercise. The basic idea is to brown some onion for a little flavor, then saute the chicken to again brown and add some flavor and cook the sauted chicken with tarragon, diced red and yellow peppers, tomato and some chicken stock and then to soak up the cooked juices by adding some bulgar wheat.

This worked fine with three large pieces of chicken thigh. The original recipe calls for longer peppers or also spicy jalapenos but really they did not seem necessary.

    • Salt the chicken at least 15 mins before cooking and make sure at room temperature.
    • chop up the tomatoes and cook for a while until brown
    • start to saute the chicken in butter – normal way. Make sure to remove all the onion from the pan so that you don’t end up with bits of blackened burnt onion when you saute the chicken!
    • saute the chicken until brown both sides – you dont have to cook right through as you are going to cook in the stock for thirty mins plus
    • once the chicken is done, add the peppers and tarragon and stir for one minute- quite a lot of fresh tarragon
    • stir in tomatoes and then add the onion – you can now generate some juice to cook in
    • add salt and pepper
    • simmer for twenty minutes covered – you want to keep covered as the bulgar will absorb the liquid at the end
    • take out the chicken
    • add in the bulgar and stir with the other vegetables to start absorbing the liquid
    • heat up the stock and add – including boiling for a minute to get the bulgar to absorb the liquid I presume
    • add back the chicken and then cover and simmer again for fifteen minutes or so. If using chicken breasts keep out at this point – they probably get too dry
    • serve!


    • onion chopped
    • butter
    • chicken pieces
    • two diced peppers – yellow and red work well
    • tarragon
    • two plus peeled, chopped tomatoes
    • salt and pepper
    • chicken stock cubes – or make yourself
    • bulgar wheat

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