Sauté chicken with mushrooms

This worked brilliantly well if you make sure you keep to the points below…

  • Make sure the chicken is at room temperature before starting to saute.
  • Salt the chicken thoroughly before cooking. At least 15 minutes at room temperature. A day before if you are going to keep in the fridge.
  • Cook non-skin side down first briefly until it colors over, then turn over to start to saute on the other side.
  • While cooking spoon over the fat on to the non skin side so that it keeps moist and cooks at the same time. You have to carry on doing this for quite a while. The chicken should run with clear juice once cooked when pierced.
  • Don’t try and cook too much in the pan in the same time. You probably need two batches for four people.
  • Once cooked to a nice crisp brown on the skin side then drain off the fat, turn over and briefly seal the other side
  • In this dish, good to keep the chicken warm while cooking the mushrooms.

For the mushrooms, heat up some butter until frothing and quiet then add some mixed mushrooms. Heat fairly strongly until water comes out and then add finely chopped shallots and salt and cook for a short while and then return the sauted chicken in order to heat up again. Add the parsley and then stop the heat.

Finally add the special ingredient – take garlic and ground down well (for example, using the Japanese ginger grater, and mix with olive oil. Then pour over the chicken and serve straightaway.


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