Piyaz Turkish white bean salad

This is a very easy salad – almost as easy to make as a greek salad – and is very healthy given its high protein content.

The basic idea is to take some white beans and soak them for a short time in vinegar. This worked fine with tinned beans after draining them, even though they were rather soft. Soaking in vinegar helped freshen them up. Then simply chop up spring onions, a large tomato and parsley. Add some salt and lemon juice and poor over a decent amount of olive oil and then mix together. Add some black olives and two boiled eggs sliced up as a garnish.

Here is an excellent video from youtube on the original.

Here is a nice turkish website with the recipe as well.


  1. white beans, tinned worked fine
  2. white wine vinegar
  3. spring onions – lots – important
  4. large tomato – chopped
  5. salt
  6. lemon juice
  7. virgin olive oil
  8. chopped parsley – lots
  9. black olives
  10. boiled eggs, quartered – good decoration

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