Tortilla con chorizo – spanish omlette with peas and chorizo

Worked out fantstically well the first time that I did it. Basic idea is to chop up some potato into small cubes and then shallow fry to pretty close to being cooked. Then mix together the potato, chorizo, peas and egg together and cook the whole mess. Important to have a non stick frying pan. Unlike a “normal” Spanish omlette this does not include any onion.


  • 2 small potatoes for each person, diced – in practice to cover a decent part of the frying pan
  • oil
  • salt
  • 1/2 chorizo sliced
  • 120g of peas – in practice I used a whole frozen bag full
  • 2 beaten eggs – I used five for the whole family – it was enough

Fry the potatoes in 1.25cm of oil with some salt until tender. Add the chorizo and peas and cook for five minutes more. Then drain and reserve the oil. Add the potatoes/chorizo/peas to the beaten eggs. Heat some of the oil in the frying pan again, add the mixture and then cook as normal – that is cook until bottom is firm and the whole is firming up, then turn out the half cooked to turnover and cook the remainder. Should be eaten hot or at room temperature.


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