Lentil and sausage stew

Very easy bacon and lentil stew with onion and carrot. Tastes nice with the bacon and sausage flavour while being high fibre and limited amount of meat. Also very easy to make and you can’t really go wrong on the quantities etc.


  • Half a large onion/a small onion
  • Half a large carrot or a medium whole carrot – does’t matter too much
  • A block of bacon – decent sized lump depending on how many people
  • Sausages – a few, larger better depending on number of people; fatty is better as this adds to the flavor
  • lard – this would be good to cook the onion at the start, but so far never used and still a very decent taste
  • parsley
  • lentils – pretty free again on how many to use 200g? 300g?
  • salt, pepper – add at the end


Cut up the onion and fry in the lard or oil until translucent

Cut up the carrot roughly, big chunks if preferred; wash the lentils and put in with the onion

Prepare the sausages by pricking to prevent splitting and let out the fat to flavor the lentils. Add to the pot with a lump of bacon, add water and then cook covered on a high heat until boiling.

Turn to a low heat, add some more water, stew for ten minutes or so, then add some more water and stew some more. Seems pretty free to carry on balancing adding the water and stewing until the lentils are cooked without too much trouble.

Once the lentils are cooked add pepper and salt. Serve with parsley and mustard (don’t forget the mustard – you always tend to do so.

Good for using up…

Parsley, spare bacon block or sausages


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