Fennel with parmesan cheese

First time to try fennel and it was very nice. Also very healthy, so well worth trying to get some more recipes. Very expensive in Japan, although seems to be on special offer at National Azabu.

Fennel can also be eaten raw in salads, normally after slicing thinly. An excellent blog page on fennel is here and the wikipedia page here.


One head of fennel Butter Parmesan cheese (apparently no other type will do)


Cut fennel head in quarters. Boil in salted water until a little more tender but not floppy. Place in well buttered dish, add grated parmesan and then bake until brown and tender.

Tips for next time

Boiling was for around eight minutes. On reflection perhaps this could have been longer – certainly try this time. Also could have added more butter to the dish and dabbed a little on the outside of the fennel to keep it moist. The dish as a little large as well – having the fennel more closely together could have prevented some of the parmesan just burning on the bottom. The outer leaves were a little tough – not sure if this was due to how this was cooked or is simply common.

Good for using up…

Not much, except fennel.


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